Innovate every day

We believe that innovation is in the company’s DNA. That’s the reason we invest each time more in new possibilities, to be on top of the market.


When we talk about complete structure, it is not only about the 200 m² dedicated exclusively to the Technological Development Center, the Flexx Lab. It is about the team of experts, high technology equipment and a team of employees focused on innovation every day.

Flexx Lab is one of the most complete polyurethane technology laboratories in the country. It is used for research and development of new solutions and quality testing. Here, all customer solutions undergo quality testing according to their applications, to meet the main regulations of the market and of the respective segments.


In order for our technologies to be used correctly and help our customers to get the perfect product, we provide free training for the team of professionals involved in the use of Flexível’s technologies. With this, it is possible to maintain the quality in all the processes and to promote the qualification of the teams within the companies.

In addition, we are one of the few companies in Santa Catarina to get the ISO 9001 Quality Certification in comply with the updated 2015 requirements that recognizes and certifies compliance with the world quality standard.

Special projects

In order to innovate and to contribute to the creation of new products for the market, our structure is able to develop customized and specific projects, accordingly to the objective and the need of the client.

Quality policy

With the objective of having a continuous quality and industrial processes management, we have as goals:

  • Provide customer satisfaction by meeting your requirements;
  • To be a reference in the market for polyurethane solutions, through the continuous improvement of the quality management system and industrial processes;
  • Develop human capital, preserving the environment, seeking sustainable growth of the organization.

Client satisfaction

Service excellence

Acting in comply with
ISO 9001 and continuous improvement of QMS

Industrial process accuracy

Development of human resources

Waste reduction

Growth with profitability

Environmental policy

In order to maintain the preservation of the environment and to reduce as much as possible the impacts on nature, we created our environmental policy, guided by the following actions:

To comply with current laws and to establish plans for improvements and utilization of green molecules

To adopt effective means of managing activities that may have environmental impact

To develop programs for continuous improvement and pollution prevention

To automate productive processes in order to avoid waste

To train, to sensitize and to involve all people within the company and from society

To adopt transparency, to establish adequate means of communication on internal affairs, activities and results

To establish a Plan of Improvements on the Environmental Management System

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